My approach to personal training is to help you focus on the mind-body connection.


Having fun while working toward your fitness goals—building a strong core and self image, is my philosophy for personal training.

As my client Michelle C. states:

“Gretchen is a skilled professional who focuses on my fitness goals. With her expertise, patience and passion I am the healthiest and strongest I have ever been. Her sessions are focused, thorough and FUN!!”

I will train you in the comfort of your home or in my home studio in South Minneapolis. For more information, contact me: 612-309-7232 or send an email.

Core Strength

Core strength is the foundation of a strong body. Core conditioning in a workout program can be done using your own body plus adding instability to further strengthen your core muscles through the use of balls, bands, balance boards, etc.

Muscle Strength

We will develop a program designed specifically for you to strengthen your muscles and meet your fitness goals. Many tools are available including free weights, kettlebells and bands, and together we will find the ones that work best for you.

Balance & Flexibility

Balance is an integral part of developing core strength which will help improve confidence. Flexibility improves strength and improves muscle length and tone as well as improving movement and range of motion of muscles and joints.


High intensity Kettlebell training torches calories and builds cardiovascular fitness while building muscle strength. It can also trigger positive changes in aerobic capacity and muscular development while simultaneously supporting fat loss, allowing exercisers to accomplish more in less time.


50+ Training

Flexibility and strength are key components of fitness, especially as we age. It is important to maintain good range of motion at your joints to prevent loss of functional capacity and prevent falls. Your workout plan will be tailored to address injuries, limitations or any medication you are taking while keeping your fitness goals in mind.

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